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About us


Our company was established in 2007 and it is devoted to the production of 100% cotton knitted fabric garment.
Nowadays, we export a large part of our production to the American market, and the other part is sold through our domestic store chains. Our goal is to enter in other markets with our own design brands and produced at local level.​

We own a modern industrial center with three textile plants fitted up with state-of-art machinery, we also have highly trained personnel which assure the timely delivery of our products at competitive prices. These facts enable the success.

    Our Competitive Advantages
        The permanent renovation of infrastructure, machines and equipment.
        The optimization and High development in our textile processes.
        Very qualified administrative and technique workers.
        Financial strength.
        As values of the company, we design and elaborate programs focused in the satisfaction and motivation of our workers.
        Balanced and efficient management of the outsourcing in the corporative level as a complement and support to the productive and management process.

    Successful Culture
        “Always work as if it is your first day.”
        “If you want to be successful, you can do it!”
        “The limits are made by each of us”

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